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name one flaw in louis tomlinson

the answer is there is none damn wassup how u feel

his personality and looks oh

I said Louis not your mother damn wassup how u feel

I have louisteasdale saved do i win anything (((((:

“You know, if we’d got asked two years ago what we thought would happen, we never would have said this.”

press conference

# z

Ziall Alphabet→C: Chin

Niall spotted in South Beach // 6.12.13

One Direction Star Niall Horan and rumored girlfriend Barbara Palvin are seen leaving Chakana Club 2 minutes apart via the same door. The One Direction Star and Victoria Secret Model are said to be dating after meeting in america a while back. The one duo were at the club for the after party for the premiere of the Class of 92. Barbara was seen arriving at the club just after midnight 30 minutes after Niall arrived. x

And what do you bring Liam? No hair!?

its 3 pm already damn sunday went too fast

you dont know how long til i realise fateenviesus is prounounced faTE ENVIES US IVE BEEN PRONOUNCED IT FATEEN VIESUS FOR THE DAMN WHOLE YEAR MY LIFE IS A LIE

when we were on the x factor, i decided to say that i liked girls who eat carrots… because i thought it was funny — it wasn’t funny. that is potentially the worst joke i have ever made.